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Building Designer Brisbane

Bayside building designer providing Home Renovation Design Services + Commercial Design Brisbane 
Samantha Rosewarne Building Designer Brisbane

Samantha Rosewarne

B Arch

After nearly a decade of working in bigger architectural firms I decided to move away from the larger corporates and work a more realistic beat in sync with my own design ethos and young family. I take on smaller design focused projects for which I am passionate about.

Living and working in the Bayside, I am a building designer with experience in the commercial and residential sectors. Having developed major key projects throughout Queensland for a few architectural groups across the private and public sectors, I bring a wealth of experience to your next project.

While I started out mostly providing commercial design, today many of my projects focus on home renovation design services particularly in the bayside area.


One of the last things Jesus said before he left the earth was that he was going to prepare a place for his disciples. We just need to look at nature around us to know Jesus values design and knows the importance of a well-planned space! Clearly I'm not Jesus, but how amazing! I thought of the care He would put into designing a space for each of His children, unique and perfect for them. As a building designer I strive to do the same.


When you work with our bayside building design firm, you are supporting a local business as well as those in more disadvantaged communities...


10% of our income goes here...

This little cutie is Dijan and he is 4yrs old.


He lives in my home country of Sri Lanka and we are privileged to be able to assist his parents to give him the basics in life that we take for granted. Our mission through Blue Giraffe Building Design is to adopt more kids as the business grows. Please know that you too are playing a part in supporting these little children by choosing us as your building designer, so thank you!

If you would like more information on this very worthy cause, feel free to check out their website:

Welcome to the Blue Giraffe Building Design family, little Sulakshan! 


He is two years old and lives with his parents in the hill country of Sri Lanka. We are thrilled to be doing life along side you and consider it a privilege to be able to share in your journey with you.


Thank you to all our loyal customers for supporting our cause by working with us. We strive to add to our little family as we keep growing!

If you a looking for a building designer in Brisbane, who will take a caring approach to your project, contact us today.

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