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What Blue Giraffe Building Design Brisbane can do for you …

Design Diagnosis

This is a great way to work with a designer to figure out what is achievable and what your requirements really are. It brings clarity and a realistic understanding of your options for a project prior to undertaking it. 


Concept Design

Concept design is a further exploration of a design that is fleshed out with defined spaces to achieve a floor plan and elevations of the proposed project. This allows you to get preliminary costing from a builder and other consultants such as engineers and certifiers so as to better understand the cost implications of your project.

Working Drawings

As the name suggests, this is where the entire design comes together and all the details of the design are put down on paper to enable you to sign a contract with a builder to see your project become a reality.


In addition to commercial and residential design, we can also provide:

  • Landscape design

  • Interior design

  • Furniture design

  • Project management

At Blue Giraffe Building Design Brisbane, we work closely with a team of consultants in related industries such as engineers and certifiers to maintain a high quality of service. If you would like to engage them through the course of your project, you'll find more information on the Community page. You are in no way obliged to engage these consultants, to continue working with Blue Giraffe Building Design. 

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