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Inspired Living

​Blue Giraffe Building Design Brisbane creates ideas for living and understands the importance of thoughtful design.

Creating synergy in a home is the essence of great design.
And at Blue Giraffe we use a practical approach to create high impact, functional designs that transform the lives of the families that inhabit them.

Designing a home for a family is a great honour for us as building designers and we never take that privilege for granted.  As they say "home is where the heart is" that's why we strive to weave the heart and soul of your family into your home by creating a unique and affordable design that is tailored to your specific needs. 


Blue Giraffe Building Design Brisbane was established in 2010 providing concept designs for offices looking to maximise their layout potential and create effective work flow.


Work places have become more than ever a synthesis of design, available space, and the constantly accelerating work processes. Having recently had our own family, it seemed a natural progression to expand our scope to residential projects and today much of our work centres around home renovation design services particularly for those wanting to renovate and extend, as well as new home builds.


Building a home seems to have lost its splendour, as house and land packages appear to be the only affordable option for most. Selling your current house can be daunting and complicated, but BGBD will surprise you with how little you really have to renovate to enhance your livability.  Because every family is unique and each requirement is different; design is the key. There are numerous creative options that we can present to you to make your dream home a reality. 


“The end result was that we have a house that was constructed to meet our needs, well within time and budget... and looks great!”


“Sam took the time to understand our needs... and delivered a practical house, with great functionality combing innovative concepts and modern efficient materials ”

Blue Giraffe Building Design Brisbane process



Design is what links creativity and innovation. It shapes ideas to become practical and attractive propositions for its inhabitants. Design may be described as creativity deployed to a specific end.

Blue Giraffe Building Design is a Brisbane based consultancy specialising in architectural concept design tailored for individual outcomes.


Having worked for larger architectural companies designing and building corporate large-scale projects, we now enjoy focusing on smaller projects where design and client satisfaction is our key business ethos. We have the capacity to invest the time and passion to bring every project, whether large or small, to fruition. With a wealth of practical experience and diverse portfolio, Blue Giraffe Building Design Brisbane can assist you with your next project to achieve your desired outcome.

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