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Traditional home Renovation

Renovating a home with oodles of character to begin with can be a challenge. I definitely needed to listen to the home and follow her lead to do her justice. There is always a concern when renovating older homes that doing too much will take away from her grandeur and character. This I'm writing about is definitely a classic, apart from a few changes to the floor plan, the home is exactly what you find in the text books..

Walking through the concerns of the home, the lower level was about a meter below street level. This meant I needed to ensure the proportions of the home were carefully calculated to make it visually hold its weight. Traditional homes were not meant to be lifted and as such, so many homes that are raised tend to look awkward as a result.

after before

We decided to move the kitchen and main living area to the ground floor, along with the new master suite. This allows the living areas greater access to the garden and the opportunity to live on one level if needed.

after before

Opening up the windows upstairs to house louvres instead, allows for a constant breeze that flows though the day

after before

The stairs were my biggest disappointment of this home. Carelessly added about 10yrs ago by a builder without any thought given to how the spaces work together or how one might live in the home. This was the first thing that I relocated and it makes a world of difference to the home.

after before

The once crowded and restrictive master bedroom now has beautiful double doors that can be kept open to allow for the breezes to flow through. The new master has a beautifully appointed walk in robe and ensuite straight off the side.

Bringing this grand lady into the 21st century was an absolute please. From what I've heard, my clients are loving their new space and thats the sort of feedback I live for!


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