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5 Do's and Dont's in Kitchen Design

Designing a new kitchen is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming task. Take on as much advice and help as you can at the outset because as the saying goes, 'the kitchen is the heart of the home' really does hold true. The great thing about it though is that you've been learning to design your own kitchen for most of your life! Everyone's expectations are different when it comes this critical part of the home.

  1. Find out whats critical for 'your' kitchen in the morning - Think about how you start your day BREAKFAST. Do your kids make their own breakfast? Are you big on cooked breakfasts? Do you skip this meal and do smoothies or just a coffee to go? All important questions to answer as it all informs your kitchen design and set-out. Make sure no matter whats important to you, that you have all the necessary items involved in one particular space. The coffee cups, coffee station, coffee maker etc should all be in one spot. My kids get up early and make their own breakfasts through the week so I make sure the cereals, bowls, spreads etc are all at their reach.

  2. If you love to cook, make sure all related items are close at hand and within reach of the stove. Pans, utensils, spices and condiments etc should be all either under or beside your cooktop.

  3. If you love to bake, smoke, brew or anything else, make sure your kitchen design allows for a cupboard or shelf thats dedicated to your passion. Have all critical items related to the task in one spot.

  4. From experience a kitchen with drawers function so much better than a kitchen with cupboards. Access and storage is greater as you can see whats in each drawer all the way to the back, as opposed to surprises lurking in the back of a cupboard.

  5. If you design your kitchen with a butlers pantry, always best to have a sink, dishwasher and lots of power points in there, specially if you love to entertain!

Hope these tips help you on your way to designing a great kitchen. Dont forget there are so many kitchen designers, design apps and software thats available to ensure you make the right decisions along the way. Good luck and happy cooking!


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