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5 Tips to Working from home

Whether we like it or not, this has and will be the reality for a lot of us moving forward. The trick is to embrace the change and rise to the challenge. I've put together some things to consider when setting up your space ...

1. Location

It is important to consider who will be using this space. Personally I would advise an office/ study space to be as close as possible to the front door. That way if you have staff that need to come in or client meetings that need to occur, you will not need to disrupt the rest of your home. If you are able to block off the rest of your home with a door or a screen, great! This will be helpful in maintaining privacy and let you shut off your office when work is done for the day. No one wants to live in their office so if you can close it off at clock off time, the greater the chance you will have a happier home life!

2. Resources

Ensure your space has the necessary power and data points required for your computer, printer and any other equipment you need for the day to day running of your business. Also consider you have sufficient storage for files and stock you need to keep on site. If you have meetings in your office you may need a table and additional seating.

3. Light and ventilation

Given you will spend a large chunk of your day in this space, its always best to have plenty of natural light and ventilation. Make the space as comfortable and beautiful as you can. Adding plants and colour helps you focus and keep calm through your work day.

4. Backdrop

As part of your business you may need to use video to either create social media material or have Zoom meetings with clients and staff. Be aware of what your clients view as your backdrop on their screens. Keep visual distractions to a minimum and try and keep on brand if possible i.e. if your business name is Blue Giraffe Building Design, it may not be ideal to have a pink flamingo in the background!

5. Keep Your Distractions Handy

You are going to need brain-breaks once in a while. Maybe it's a book, or a game app on your phone, or a favourite musical instrument. For myself I'd say snacks are essential. Choose your weapon. Keep it close by so you can reward yourself with short breaks, but tuck it out of sight. You don't want to be constantly tempted and find yourself staring longingly at it instead of working.

For a few more design tips on how you might make your space work for you, check out these inspiring space ...

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