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5 Quick Tips to enhance a Room

I'm certain I'm not the only one that looked at parts of their home through Covid and though ... I can do better ... This is what I felt when I looked at my guest bedroom. It seems ridiculous given I have no idea when anyone will use the guest room next but lets keep going...

My guest room used to belong to one of my kids. Nothing particularly wrong with it but there was nothing special about it either. It had one very bright green wall lots of storage and lots of light. I did start off with a great room so I didn't have a lot of hurdles to face in this makeover but I did use some clever ideas that are available to anyone that did make the space bigger and a lot more interesting! Here are my top 5 tips!

  1. Go up! If you are needing a wardrobe, make sure you take it all the way to the ceiling. Event though that high storage is not as easily accessible, its still a great place to store extra blankets or anything else that you dont use too often. The other tip is to make sure your curtain rails are not installed just above the window, but instead, just below your cornice. The extra height does wonders for making the space look bigger. Thing to remember - you will need longer curtains as its a longer drop.

  2. Pick a feature colour and dont stop there. I chose a dominant colour for my bed head and decided to make the entire wall behind the bed head a feature. This meant I created a lot of interest with the basic elements I would have had in the room anyway which was the bed head and the wall.

  3. Add texture. When I decided to make the wall behind my bedhead a feature, I also added a lot of texture and interest. I left a little of the original green wall, rendered parts and used up some leftover wall paper on other areas. This added a new depth and texture to the room.

  4. Bend it! I decided that the feature wall didn't need to stop at the end of that plane but would actually bend around the corners to create a new dimension to the room. This creates an optical illusion and tricks the eye in to a false perspective which is very cool.

  5. Dont stop at one. Although I had chosen one feature colour, it did lead me to choose accent colours in the accessories that really did add a lot more interest. Sometimes the colours may surprise you but be open to the journey it takes you on.

Not all of us live in pristine model homes that look like they are out of a magazine, but, a guest room definitely allows you the opportunity for 'pretty and calm' that can hopefully remain undisturbed by the day to day. Now we just need a self cleaning house and we will all be set! Till next time designers xx


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